Launch Announcement – [POSTPONED]

[UPDATE 21/01/2014] Due to the wind direction predictions, I have postponed this launch. I will still be giving the talk at the North Kent Radio Society, just sans launch. Watch for launch announcements in the coming weeks.

All being well, I will be launching a VAYU-NTX v1.03 prototype payload from Bexleyheath next Tuesday (21st Jan). This is as part of a talk I’m doing for The North Kent Radio Society, my local radio club. I thought it best to track an actual payload rather than just showing previous flights in images. The VAYU-NTX payload is programmed for 50bd RTTY on USB at 434.500MHz (+/- a few Hz). The standard 7n2 format is used with a 450Hz shift.

The current predicted path is good, towards the S/SE

Launch Prediction for 21st Jan @20:00

Launch Prediction for 21st Jan @20:00

Of course, this is apt to change in the coming days. I will monitor it closely.

I am going to try and get the balloon to go into a ‘float’ this time. This is when the balloon ascends slowly and reaches an altitude where the internal and external pressure equalises, meaning the balloon finds the point of buoyancy. If it does, it will make for a long flight. Although the payload is being powered from a single AAA lithium battery which will only allow for a day or so transmitting. I’d appreciate any help tracking past the initial demo flight.


Steve Smith

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