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Just a quick update post:

I’ve re-enabled comments, this time with a CAPTCHA device. Comments may be left at will now and I will see how it goes.

Mitch from Hackvana has kindly notified me that the VAYU-NTX v1.04 PCBs have been dispatched. I’ve very much looking forward to seeing them and building a new one up.

I’m currently researching other MCUs to design a tracker with. I’m particularly interested in using a Z80 based chip Perhaps the Z8 Encore! The difficulty is that there’s not a lot of information out ‘there’ online. It seems that the only way to get to grips with Zilog chips is to slog through the rather dry datasheets. Still, I’ve managed to pick up a development board on eBay and I’ll post any developments here.

Steve Smith

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