Vayu-1 Re-launch Announcement

I’m going to re-launch VAYU-1 on Sunday 3rd November 2013 from Shenstone Park in Crayford.

Shenstone Park

Shenstone Park on Google Maps (Satellite view)

Hopefully, all being well with weather etc. we will launch at around 12:30pm. The site is 36m above sea level and so gives nice clearance from local high points like pylons. Transmit details are the same as the first launch:

Balloon Type: Pico 36in Foil
Callsign: VAYU-1
Frequency: 434.300MHz+/- Drift
Mode: USB RTTY 50 7n2 Shift 450Hz
Launch site: Lat = 51.453388 Lon = 0.170352
Launch time: 12:30ish

Track on SpaceNear – Details on how to receive via radio on the UKHAS website.

Hopefully, VAYU-1 will attain a better altitude and distance than the first launch. Predictions are trending towards the SE Coast of the UK. Once in the air, I will run a few more predictions to see if it’s viable to chase and recover.

Wish me luck!

Steve Smith

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