Vayu v1.01 PCBs

I just wanted to do a quick post to show the VAYU v1.01 PCBs that just arrived fresh from Hackvana.

Vayu v1.01 PCBs

Vayu v1.01 PCBs fresh from Hackvana

They are absolutely top quality. I’m amazed that the text came out despite being out of tolerance. I decided that I didn’t mind if the text didn’t work for the prototype so I instructed Hackvana to go ahead with fabrication despite this. It was entirely my responsibility.

I was extra pleased to find that there’s two additional PCBs in the package. I was previously told that sometimes, if there’s space, Hackvana will supply spare boards free of charge but I didn’t expect any. What a great service!

Vayu Cheapo comparison

Comparing the CHEAPO and VAYU v1.01 boards

I thought I’d show the two boards side-by-side to show the modifications I made to Chris’s original CHEAPO design. The Micro-SD Card socket removed, Boost regulator and breakout header added. Stay tuned for building!

Steve Smith

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